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Report a Honeybee Swarm to Bee Rescued

Report a Honeybee Swarm to Save the Day!!! We would be more than happy to share a jar of honey for helping rescue our stranded  friends!!!

We help Rehome Honeybees Swarms in North Carolina

Report a honeybee Swarm!

Frequently asked Honeybee Swarm Questions

A honeybee swarm is a colony of honeybees looking for a new home.

Around 30,000 bees weighing in at 3lbs including, workers, drones, and at least one queen, but sometimes two or three queen honeybees.

Stay back at a safe distance. Consider contacting neighbors especially if someone has an allergy. Call 252-497-2892 for safe removal and rehoming or email [email protected] or message us at

No, call 252-497-2892 for safe removal and rehoming or email [email protected] or message us on

Swarming is how Honeybee colonies replicate by dividing a large parent colony into two daughter colonies.


That depends. Honeybee swarms are not particularly defensive or aggressive. Although, they could be dangerous to someone with a strong allergy if they happen to stumble into the swarm or step on a bee. Dogs are notorious for eating flying bees as a game, which can lead to stings.

Honeybees usually swarm during the nectar flow season of spring and early summer. In North Carolina this is from March to July. Though less likely, a swarm can occur at any time.

Interesting Video featuring a Honeybee Swarm.

Credit to Fredrick Dunn. For more amazing video Click Here

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