A bumblebee and a honeybee on purple flowers
Honeybees vs. Bumblebees: What's the Difference?
Bee prepared! The show is about to beegin. You maybe thinking to of asking me,  “Shirley there can’t be that many differences between honeybees and bumblebees.”  First off, don’t...
bee swarm Clustered at the base of a tree profile
Success Story: Honey Bee Swarm Rescued and Rehomed by Two Rivers Honey
First Swarm Report and Successful Honey Bee Swarm Rehoming This Year! A special thanks to our new friends who found us on Google and reported a honey bee swarm resting in a giant cluster at the base of...
honey bee pollen covered on white blossom in Urban farm
How Honeybees Help Pollinate Gardens and Urban Farms
As more and more people around the world are becoming conscious of the environment and sustainability, gardening and urban farming are becoming increasingly popular. However, without proper pollination,...
honey comb
10 Fun Facts About Honeybees You Never Knew!
Honeybees are fascinating creatures that play an essential role in our ecosystem. They are not only responsible for producing honey, but they also help to pollinate plants and crops, which is crucial for...
Honeybee swarm trap
Bring Back the Buzz!
Attention Bee Enthusiasts! Last year the bears killed my buzz. One of our apiaries was completely blown away by bears who were hell-bent on filling their bellies.  Every single hive was devoured.Apiary...
alt="Save A Honeybee Swarm surrounded by leafs"
Help Fill a Honeybee Hive!
Here’s the ProblemHoneybees play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of our ecosystem. They pollinate over 100 different crops, contributing to one-third of the food we eat. Unfortunately,...
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